Standard & Extreme
Cooling Components

Standard Cooling Components

Custom PC cooling parts for all computer components. Copper IHS for various generations of Intel  CPUs (Mainstream and HEDT platforms), relid tools, m.2 NVME heatsinks, RAM heatsinks and NB heatsinks.
Not only for modern hardware. Retro PC fans looking for good performance cooling won’t be disappointed. Designed to achieve best thermal performance and aesthetic appearance. Some of the products might be used for extreme overclocking.

Extreme Cooling Components

Cooling equipment for exteme temperatures which allow you overclock your computer to the highest level. Copper pots ready to use with liquid nitrogen or dry ice. You can get a basic CPU LN2 Pot here to start your journey with extreme overclocking. Experienced users looking for best possible results will also find here a proper gear for record breaking – GPU pots, custom IHS, insulation materials, RAM heatsinks. Compatibility with various platforms starting from socket 462 up to the latest LGA1200 and AM4.

– made by an overclocker
for hobbyists and enthusiasts

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